Because the most crazy and cool things are sold by people like you.
  • 2TB external @ebuyer

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    For all the geeks out there, here is a huge external hard-drive to store all your weddings hum pics hum and hum videos...
  • Soul Star jacket @thehut

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    It's almost spring, and you need to go out after 6 months in front of the computer. Here's the perfect jacket to be warm and be comfortable at the same time.
  • The Fifth Element @zavvi

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    If you haven't seen yet the Fifth Element, its your chance! This movie was an instant classic right from the start. With Bruce Willis. Thats why.
  • Ann DEMEULEMEESTER white blazer

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    True, summer isn't therere soon but we are already thinking about it. Nothing beats linen cloths under the sun and this white blazer has everything you need to keep it cool.
  • Rick Owens 2011 Geobasket

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    100% authentic and rare. Used but in very good condition, soles show some signs of wear but very minimal and have a lot of life left. One of the most sought after pieces from Rick Owens that is impossible to find now especially in this size condition and color, do NOT miss out an opportunity to own these sneakers as they will not be for sale any longer.

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    Up for bidding is this JULIUS _7 jut neck w-rider lamb leather jacket from s/s 2011. Bought it brand new with tags and only tried it on once at home for less than 5 minutes. Retail for $3,299 in the US, original JULIUS tags are included.
  • Edward Shoes

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    Made on the superb 82 last, this quintessential toecap oxford from Edward Green is made in stunning antique slate calf. The shoe interior is fully lined, for supreme comfort and durability. On a goodyear welted leather sole with channelled stitching and a hand-finished beveled waist.
  • 960ad Dynasty Coin

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    I admit I post a lot of over-expensive stuff. Sometimes its just funny because it costs so much. But this actually... seems way to cheap for what you get... It's a coin from an ancien Chinese dystany, more than 1000 years ago....

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    This is straight from the runway. For men with no compromise. Actually yes 850$ is expensive, but dont forget the one piece you should pay the most for, is what your feet are wearing.
  • Lotus Esprit 40th Anniversary Edition

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    That's actually the Lotus base model that was used in James Bond movie. Yep the one who went under water. So you now too can get a piece of british history.
  • Bacon Earings

    Camera Lens Coffee Mug
    This is listed in "costume-jewellery" and in "meat-related". We couldn't think of a better match. Perfect for a gift!
  • Gun-Knife combo

    Batman Brake Signal Cover
    Yeah you can look tough with a gun. But the sound and the noise is always a sticking point. Well now you can have both the dangerous look of a gun and the efficacity of a knife!
  • Ultra thin ligthers

    Space Invaders Couch
    When its time to get a new ligther, instead of the crappy plastic one you get at the grocery store, just get those ultra thin metallic ligthers. The flame is butane and adjustable. Plus its rechargable. Easy decision.
  • Old-time phone handset

    Medieval Hand Blades
    Okay we probably all saw the retro handset few times on internet. But now this brings it to the next level! This is working full telephone that you can plug to your smart phone as an headset. Perfect for those who use their mobile phone at home as well.
  • Submarine tea-infuser

    Sub-Zero MacBook Sticker
    Title says it all "a yellow submarine as a tea-infuser". I guess that making tea is so boring that something like can only help.
  • The real James Bond watch

    Wrist Watch Post It Notes
    Did you know its possible to buy the same exact watch James Bond has been wearing since the 60s ?? Its called the SeaMaster and its made by Omega. Build quality is supposed to be second to none, and it features a mechanical automati movement.
  • Nintendo 64 original consoles

    Nintendo Dress
    Did you know its possible to meet your first love again? You can find many Nintendo 64 consoles on ebay in perfect condition, and games are even included ! (Please at least get Goldeneye)
  • Rick Owens clothing

    Magic Wand Remote Controller
    If you are a guy, who wants to dress well, you gotta checkout Rick Owens stuff. Its all available on ebay. Jackets, boots, etc.
  • MMM Sneakers by H&M.

    Dolphin Boat
    If you dont know the designer Maison Martin Margiela, lets just say that they are exclusive and expensive. Now their amazing collection is offered at a more down to earth price by teaming with H&M. l
  • Beer Belt

    Raptor Hoodie
    This is for true soldiers only! Those who not fear to go into combat. Extreme camouflage belt that can holdup 6 cans.
  • Calf Tattoo

    Coffee Table Aquarium
    Well some people just find crazy ways to make money. This guy just listed his calf for sale. He will be tatooed the company website. Calf aint cheap these days either.
  • MMM red Sneakers

    Super Mario Wall Stickers
    I know I just posted about MMM sneakers by H&M, but there are just too awesome not to repost. In red leather.
  • Jesus Cupcakes Molds

    Sword Handle Umbrellas
    I have no words for this one. At the same time its freaky but also the greatest idea for your little Christians children. And its under 5$ so why not?
  • Horse head mask

    World's Most Powerful Laser
    Ahh the famous horse head mask. We have all saw it on funny videos, but does it exist in real life? Well yes, its available on ebay, and not that expensive either. The price to pay to scare sh*tless your friends is nothing tho.